Short Rib and Potato Soup

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Preparation time
5 mins
Cooking time
20 mins
2 people
Meal course
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2 cup
1 pinch
Cracked Black Pepper
1 pinch
Sea Salt
1 tsp
Sesame Oil
2 small
Dried Chilis
1 small
1 large
1 lb
Pork Short Ribs
1 cup
Rice Vinegar
2 cup Water1 pinch Cracked Black Pepper1 pinch Sea Salt1 tsp Sesame Oil2 small Dried Chilis1 small Onion1 large Potato1 lb Pork Short Ribs1 cup Rice Vinegar
Short Rib and Potato Soup

Easy, healthy comfort food – a one pot dish bursting with flavor and flexibility.

The recipe here is a simple, clean style – with a subtle, clear broth. Feel free to add pork bullion or other seasonings for a bolder broth. You can also continue to boil the potatoes down into a creamy stew.

One way we love to do it is to grill the ribs, chiles, onions and even par-boiled potatoes for a deeper, smokier flavor. Try using small baby red or fingerling potatoes.

  1. Toast dried chiles over medium heat, add sesame oil and brown the short ribs on both sides. Deglaze the pan with vinegar. Reduce heat and allow to cook for 5-10 minutes.
  2. Cut onion in half, slice thinly, and cook for 2 minutes until it smells awesome.
  3. Add water, bring to a boil, then reduce to simmer.
  4. Add potatoes. Simmer until cooked through.
  5. Serve with chopped scallions cilantro (coriander), fried garlic, toasted sesame seeds, dried chili powder and cilantro (coriander) to taste.

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